I-Network is an ICT for development (ICT4D) organization that is mainly supported by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD).

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I-Network is mainly involved in 3 main activities

1. Knowledge Sharing
ImageI-Network has been carrying out various knowledge sharing activities since 2003. The flagship of these activities are the regular face to face seminars which bring together individuals interested in the ICT4D sector to discuss and share information on various issues that affect the sector in Uganda.

Knowledge Sharing is all about linking people, ideas and organizations to enable information exchange and networking activities. I-Network has done this through focused group meetings, seminars, mailing lists, print publications and research. I-Network Knowledge sharing activities are all inclusive and people and societies are drawn from various sectors in Uganda including health, education, private sector and the media. Knowledge sharing is done in the following ways:Face to face Seminars: These can be informative seminars,public debates, topical debates and panel discussions. They bring together people from the mailing list and general public to learn and share from each other.

a) Online disscusions: I-Network runs a mailing list on Dgroups called I-Network. It has a growing number of over 1,600 people subscribed to it and is one of the most active discussion lists on Dgroups. Discussions are focused on ICT, ICT in development and how Ugandans can use ICT applications in their daily lives and development.

b) Quarterly e-Newsletter:
In the past I-Network used to publish a quartlery hard copy newsletter with ICT news and stories from projects that are using ICT. Currently we publish a quarterly "on-line e-Newsletter" instead.

c) Documenting of initiatives / projects facilitated by ICT: These comprise of lessons learned from various implementation of ICT and ICT related projects. Sharing of project successes and failures to allow other projects to learn from other initiatives.

d) Internet Connectivity Guide: The I-Network connectivity guide book provides information on internet connectivity in Uganda and other connectivity issues; it highlights prices, service providers, and types of connectivity available in different regions within Uganda.

e) Website: The I-Network provides online resources for people in the ICT4D sector including, its publications, web resources, public reports, presenatations from seminars and ICT news in Uganda.

f) Thematic camps: I-Network together with lcoal partners carries out thematic camps for various target groups. In the past, ICT camps have been carried out for secondary school children to learn more about using computers, Parliamentarians to learn about ICTs and most recently, Children from northern Uganda to learn about peace and ICTs


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To participate in ICT for development discussions, subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email with your full name, country of residence, job title and address to admin@i-network.or.ug

You could also fill out the form on Dgroup: I-Network Uganda.

More information on the mailing list can be found at http://www.dgroups.org

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