I-Network is an ICT for development (ICT4D) organization that is mainly supported by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD).

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In carrying out its work, I-Network collaborates with a number of partners; some of our partners include but are not limited to: Image
Knowledge sharing
  1. Institute for communication and Development (IICD) : IICD funds and supports most of I-Network's knowledge sharing activities including the seminars, quarterly newsletter, website and I-Network's mailing list.
  2. Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) : Partners in Knowledge sharing activities such as the information society initiatives that are held each year.
  3. War Child Holland (WCH) : Partners in organising and running of youth camps. In 2008, I-Network partnered with WCH to carry out an ICT peace camp in Kalangala.
  4. Common Wealth Peoples Association of Uganda (CPAUG) : Partners in knowledge sharing activities such as the information society Initiatives
  5. Women of Uganda Network WOUGNET : Partners in the internet Governance forum and software freedom day
  6. Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) : Partners in the internet governance forum
  7. East African Centre for Open Source Software (EACOSS) : Partners for software freedom day

ICTs in Agriculture

  1. SNV : I-Network has partnered with SNV to roll out and facilitate the uptake of the Rural Information System by organised farmer groups in Uganda.
  2. Uganda Commodities Exchange (UCE) : I-Network works with UCE the owners of the Rural Information System project. I-network facilitates and supports UCE in the rollout of the system to various parts of Uganda.

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