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Mulago Hospital opens new front in war against quack doctors PDF Print E-mail

By Violet Nabatanzi, New Vision.

Mulago National hospital has installed two electronic display boards at the Labour suits to stop claims of missing newborn babies.

Speaking at a press conference at Mulago the hospital’s spokes person Enock Kusasira said every woman who delivers from the labour suit is recorded and displayed immediately on the  boards.

“Since the Information is displayed 24 hours, the attendants gets to know the status of the mother and were the child is,” he said.

Picture by New Vision

This initiative will also stop quack doctors from accessing the hospital since the names of doctors and Nurses on duty are displayed on the boards.

“The boards have helped the ordinary patients in identifying who is a genuine doctors and who is not,” Kusasira explains.

Kusasira added that the boards have also been installed at the Accidents and Emergency ward.

“These boards which are run by the newly trained staff will display the names of patients, and will help the victims of road and traffic accidents to be discovered,”

“The boards will help the public to find their relatives who have been involved in accidents , since in most cases these people are picked by police and dropped in the hospital when they are in critical condition,” Kusasira added.

Kusasira said that the information which is displayed on the boards is written in both English and Luganda adding that Kiswahili language will be introduced soon.


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