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With Just Two Computers Agwata Primary School is Making Big Strides: A project by LACCODEF

Agwat Primary School is located along Lira- Dokolo road in Dokolo district. The school is made up of three classroom blocks surrounded by a lush green compound. Agwata PS is one of the 6 schools that Lango Child and Community Development Federation (LACCODEF) implements ICT projects funded by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD).

ELECU Brochure (Oct2014)

Tutors and teachers improve teaching and learning through ICT

Enhancing English Lessons with ICT: A project by CfSU

Developing a reading culture among students can be an uphill task. However, St Leo’s College is succeeding at doing just that by enhancing the teaching of English language and Literature in English using ICT. St Leo’s is a boys-only school found in Fort Portal district....


Ugandan Teacher of English Moves from Text Book to Interactive Teaching

Teacher of English Alex Kirere from St Leo’s College in Western Uganda was struggling to keep his students interested. With the help of digital tools, Kirere now has more older students that choose English Literature as a course.

“My students give me a hard time, because since they started using computers for some of their English classes, they do not want to go to the regular classrooms anymore.” laughs English teacher Alex Kirere. Kirere teaches at St Leo’s College, a Catholic all-boys high school, in a quiet area a little outside of Fort Portal, surrounded by fields of grass. Read more

Lessons Learned from ICT's- HealthNeed Uganda (Action Reasearch) 2013.

This is a story about a local Ugandan NGO that took a critical and daring approach in examining their ICT-intervention in 8 primary schools in Uganda, and how it is transforming the way the organization - and its beneficiaries -engage with the project to improve educational standards.

Beyond ICT4D with Action Research- LACCODEF (Action Research) 2013.

The Ugandan NGO Lango Child and Community Development Federation (LACCODEF) runs an ICT-driven sensitization campaign to urge parents to support their children’s educational process. Using Action Research to analyse the impact of the campaign, they learned that ICT’s can only work in coherence with the context and needs on the ground.

ELECU- Annual Report 2012

CfSU Blog: Innovative Teaching and Learning

CfSU carries out this project in partnership with Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO). CfSU is based in Fort Portal while RWECO is based in Kasese. The aim of this project is to increase literacy and student numerousness in schools in the Rwenzori region using ICT. For details click on the link and visit the blog......

RWECO Blog: ICT enabled Teaching and Learning of the English Language.

Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) and Computers for Schools (CFSU) are implementing a Project founded by ICCO, IICD, EDUKANS, C4C on Improving Effective Teaching/Learning of English Language through ICT enabled innovative methods. The project is implemented in 30 Primary Schools, 6 Secondary Schools and 2 Teachers Colleges in the Districts of Kasese and Kabarole in Uganda. RIC-NET an ICT and Information Network in Rwenzori region is an implementing Partner.For details click on the link and visit the blog......

RIC Net Blog

For details click on the link and visit the blog......

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