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Health Child Uganda (HCU)
ICT innovations created
1. 9 IEC materials on maternal and child have been developed and disseminated in the community. The developed materials include posters on immunization, nutrition, breastfeeding, items a pregnant mother should prepare for delivery, videos on delivery items, family planning, cleaning the umbilical cord, PMTCT and a chart on breastfeeding
2. 39 informative text messages on pregnancy care have been sent to 324 pregnant mothers based on their trimesters in the project.
3. 50 interactive quiz messages have been designed I and sent 1623 beneficiaries. These are health questions that are designed to measure community’s knowledge on key health issues. We so this in collaboration with Text To Change

Other ICT innovations in use
1. Mobile phone text messages: reminding pregnant mothers on their scheduled antenatal care and postnatal days, pass on health information to pregnant mothers relevant to their trimesters and increase community health awareness through interactive health quizzes
2. Computers and cameras: Designing of IEC materials including posters, charts, videos and digital stories
3. Health Child resource center: Conducting ICT aided skills update activities for VHTs on antenatal care, postnatal care, family planning, and PMTCT and child immunisation. Training community members in the use of computer tools to seraph for health information
4. Community and radio talk shows: Increasing community awareness on postnatal care

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ICT Innovations by HAG PDF Print E-mail

Health Rights Action Group (HAG)
ICT innovations created

Development of IEC materials
•Teachers hand book on HIV/AIDS and SRHR issues for teachers.
•Video clips/digital stories on testimonies, challenges and experiences on HIV infection/effects for young people, teachers and parents.
•T-shirts ,posters, screen Ads with educative messages on HIV/AIDS and SRHR.
•Charts with educative messages on HIV/AIDS and SRHR.
•Video shows in the school on HIV/AIDS and SRHR.
Young people in school are provided with a forum to communicate and discuss in confidence/openly, their fears and concerns about HIV/ AIDS and SRH. They also participate and listen to radio spot messages on HIV/AIDS and SRHR issues. They also participate in music, dance and drama performance in school by young people on selected themes on HIV/AIDS/SRHR issues. Teachers who were trained by the project and students also organize Question and Answer sessions on HIV/AIDS/SRHR among young people in school

Other ICT Innovations in Use
HAG is in the process of developing an ICT policy.

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Community Empowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD) PDF Print E-mail

ICT Innovations Created
1.Use of radio; radio talk-shows, debates and spots have been conducted and produced to be run for a wider listenership.
2.SMS; SMS messages have been developed and send to target beneficiaries in partnership with Text 2 Change for awareness creation, to assess their level of knowledge of related issues affecting communities, and also to create interaction between parents and pupils to talk about HIV and SRHR issues.
3.Video shows and digital stories; educative videos have be shown to pupils and parents during out-reach programs; video clips have also been captured and developed from the MDD conducted/ performed by pupils. Digital stories have been documented as cases for experience sharing and also awareness creation

Other ICT Innovations in Use
Other Information and Communication materials on use include; posters, board games like snakes and ladder, spinning games. MDD component is also key to develop skills pass information.

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